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Looking for editorial and writing help?

I’m so glad you stopped by. Since you’re here, you probably have a project you would like to have edited. You’re in the right place, friend. Whatever you write about, and whoever you write it for, you have a story to tell. I can help you tell your story. I can help you reach your reader.

I offer a variety of editing services for authors of fiction and non-fiction: Structural editing, Copy editing, Proofreading, Manuscript evaluation, Plain language writing and editing. Read on to decide which editing service is right for your current project, or contact me for a free consultation and estimate.

What kind of editing service are you looking for today?

The services I offer are based on the Editors’ Association of Canada Professional Editorial Standards.

Copy Editing

You might want copy editing if: Your manuscript includes everything it needs, is structured well, and all the writing is…


Structural Editing

Structural editing is also sometimes called developmental or substantive editing. You might want structural editing if: You have a project…



You might want proofreading if: Your material has previously been copy edited and the content and structure are final. Your material…


Manuscript Evaluation

You might want a manuscript evaluation if: You have a completed draft and you want to know if the story or…


Plain Language

Plain language makes documents easier to read and understand, so you spend less time explaining, correcting misunderstandings, and fixing mistakes.…


Writing Coaching

I offer extra support and help to writers. Contact me to discuss what you need!

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