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Space: The final frontier

ST:TOS PostcardThis post is not about what Roddenberry meant by “space”, but it tickles my Trekker funnybone to be able to throw Star Trek references in. Here, have a gratuitous picture of some of the TOS cast. I promise it’s relevant. Eventually.

I posted last time that I was planning to reconfigure my home office, to incorporate some of the things that my classmates have or do in their workspaces. Specifically, I wanted a “writing wall” like Laurel has. And I knew I could fit one in, too. I knew exactly where it would go. (Click any photo to open full-size in another window.)

Before: U-shape desk, family photos

See that arrangement of ill-matched pictures of various family members, on the wall on the right? I don’t even like some of those people. Those pictures came down, and this became my Wall of Making Things. It’s hard to tell from this terrible photo (note to self: do not photograph toward a window on a sunny day), but the desk is a U-shape. The computer and hutch are on the main part, and there’s another long section (with legs) between a human and the soon-to-be Wall of Making Things. The piece that joins them is just flat, no legs. Easy peasy to unscrew four brackets, remove that piece, and reorient the other section as needed. (The jets hanging from threads are my Beloved’s. They’re very dusty and will be coming down very soon! Tigger is mine, though. He was a Christmas gift from a family member I do like.)

Here, have some close-ups! First, the section of desk that moved and the wall that changed purpose:


And second, where the magic happens! It’s not usually this blurry; I must have been tired when I took this. (Note sticker-covered pink Moleskine notebook – that’s m’ writing log. And I’m keeping it up, too!)


My/our home office has so much stuff in it that moving one thing is like one of those slide-a-tile puzzles I’ve never had the patience for. I had to move the printer, which meant I had to move the stuff on the bookcase, which meant I had to move the… well, you get the idea. I did chuck a fair number of things out (I love doing that), and organized other things better, but there’s still a lot of stuff in my office. And while I was moving things around, and culling things, I happened across the Star Trek: TOS postcard at the top of this post. I’ve probably had it for about thirty years now. Never had the heart to write on it. And now it lives forever, on the internet!

One of the other things I discovered (well, uncovered) was a roll of tracing paper I bought for a drafting course I took in 2004. Perfect for taping up on the wall and writing on… wait. Maybe not directly against a wall. Especially with markers and sharp pencils and stuff like that. Hmm… what could I put up behind the paper, to protect the wall and provide a good writing surface? And then I saw At-A-Glance’s Wall Mates at Staples. I bought a couple of packages of two, and now that wall looks like this:


I meant to get two packs of plain ones, but got a calendar-plus-a-plain one in the mix. But that might be a happy accident; having a blank calendar might be useful for timelining short stories or novels with short timelines.

So now the panorama of my office looks like this:

After: L-shape desk, and Create wall

Tigger is where he was, but now he’s facing the printer, and there’s a nice swath of empty floor in front of the Create Wall, which you see I’ve taped some tracing paper to, in readiness for my next burst of invention.

I’m looking forward to giving “thinking standing up” a try. And thinking outside the box!

Oh, and finally, I give you the day’s unexpected treasure: a cheesy bit of tourist tat that turns out to be a surprisingly good pencil sharpener!


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