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What’s Up Wednesday – June 25, 2014

TreeWhat’s up Wednesday is a weekly blog-hop created by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, intended to help writers keep connected. Click on either link for more information and to sign up, if you want to join in!

What I’m Reading

I am about 40% into the first book in the Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn, and really enjoying it. Lady Julia is an interesting character, whose recent widowhood provides the scope for becoming even more interesting, capable, and clever. The author deftly shows the narrowness of Lady Julia’s worldview by expanding it little by little, and giving us a cast of secondary characters (many, delightfully, named for Shakespeare characters) whose quirks and interests also point up the narrowness of Julia’s heretofore existence. Can’t wait to see what sort of fellow Nicholas Brisbane turns out to be.

What I’m Writing

There are three more sessions in my cross-genre workshops class, so having made a bit of a splash at the poetry session with A Poet’s Toolbox, I’m now working on my subs for the Fiction, Genre Fiction, and Non-Fiction classes. I’ve got the opening page of a novel for the fiction session, a new idea for my genre fiction, and no earthly idea what I’ll write for the non-fiction.

What Else I’m Up To

In the spirit of surrounding myself with story, I recent started rewatching The West Wing, and first-time watch of Parks & Recreation and Miss Fisher’s Murder Mysteries. Yay for Netflix! And yay for television shows with great characters. Miss Fisher’s is set in the late 1920’s in Australia, and there’s an air of Agatha Christie to many of the proceedings. Miss Fisher flouts convention, drives a car, flies a plane, carries (and knows how to use) a golden pistol, enjoys sex, and uses a diaphragm. She is unapologetically single, and — the best part — is somewhere north of thirty, and played by an actress slightly north of forty.

What is inspiring me right now

A Facebook friend shared this image earlier in the week. The caption made me snicker — because really, what is the “work industry”? — but it got me thinking about what the world might look like, twenty or thirty or forty years from now, when the current generation of body-modded youth have become doctors, lawyers, business owners, politicians, etc., and the current attitudes toward piercings, tattoos, and coloured hair have lost their traction. I started to wonder how public perception and professional approach might change, when retirement communities, long-term care facilities, and Fortune 500 board rooms are populated by the body-modified. I did a tiny bit of googling and found myself at the top of a very long research rabbit hole. But I can’t get it out of my head.

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