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What’s up Wednesday

TreeWhat’s up Wednesday is a weekly blog-hop created by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, intended to help writers keep connected. Click on either link for more information and to sign up, if you want to join in!

This is my first What’s Up Wednesday, but it’s something I hope to be doing fairly regularly. The four-question prompt format is terrific!

What I’m Reading

I just started reading the first book in Gail Carriger’s Soulless Protectorate series, and I am really enjoying the combination of Victorian drawing-room society mores and supernatural creatures as a part of normal society, where the high-ranking in society could be a werewolf or a vampire as easily as a normal human. It’s witty, clever, original, and very well written, allowing for a couple of glitches with word choice.

What I’m Writing

One of the electives I’m taking at Writer School is “Cross-Genre Workshops”, which means we get to workshop work in genres we don’t normally work in. First class is poetry, and I haven’t written poetry in years. So I’m going for amusing wordplay in poetic form, rather than serious Quality. I like poetry, and I love to learn anything that helps me better appreciate something I already like. If I make people snicker when they read my piece, I’ll call that a win.

I’m also doing a final rewrite on my piece for the class anthology (coming in October 2014!), after getting some feedback on it last night in my workshop group. And when that’s done, I have a ton of reading to do for a class on Saturday.

What Inspires me Right Now

Weirdly? It’s the list of “poetic devices” I got in another class. It really sparked the poem I wrote (am still writing) for the poetry class.

What Else I’ve Been Up To

Training to be a volunteer at Bard on the Beach, our local Shakespeare Festival that runs from June to September. This is my first year volunteering there, though I’ve been to every production, at least once, for the last several years. I expect a Shakespeare-soaked summer.

Had a personal training session on Monday, where I switched up kettlebell cleans for racked kettlebell carries. For the record, it’s harder to maintain two 25 lb kettlebells in a racked position than it is to carry them with arms down. I am still deadlifting 105 lbs on the barbell. My trainer noticed that my stamina is improving, and I am taking shorter rests between sets. Yay for me!

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