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Links for Listens I Love

In my twenties, when I lived two blocks from a record store, I spent a lot of money on music, and things to play music on. I made mix tapes by the dozen, and listened to them on the tape deck in my car (it had auto-reverse! So advanced!). When the car died, I bought a Sony Walkman and took my music on the bus.

Fast-forward to the 2010’s and my listening addiction has changed. It’s now podcasts. Also audiobooks, but mostly podcasts. I subscribe to more than a dozen, in a variety of interest areas, and I’m usually pretty up to date with them. We went on holidays for two weeks in August, though, and I haven’t managed to get on top of the queue yet. (I might make some progress today, though; I need to tidy this place up, and podcasts are my favourite companion while cleaning.)

Here’s a list of the ones I subscribe to, linked to help you find them. I think all of these are available in iTunes, Stitcher, etc. I subscribe in Downcast, an iPhone app that I heard about on one of these podcasts, and that I absolutely love.

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Food, Cooking, Gordon Ramsay, and my favourite dessert

Blogging 101’s latest assignment: Being Inspired by the Community

Late last evening, I read this post by @poonadmitra, and it sparked a discussion, a follow, and a whole bunch of thinking about food, cooking, Gordon Ramsay, and the great apple crisp/apple crumble debate.

Gordon Ramsay

True story: my husband went to school with Gordon Ramsay. Or, more precisely, they were at the same school for a year, before Gordon left because he got drafted by the Glasgow Rangers. I don’t believe they actually knew each other. Or rather, my husband knew who Gordon was; there’s no evidence that the reverse is true. Still, Gordon is like family, because I’ve had bizarre dreams involving needing to cook for him and his mum. I feel a peculiar kind of bond with the man. There’s no evidence that the reverse is true.

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