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Blogging 101: The Introduction

*taps mic*

Is this thing on?

Hi, my name is Wendy and the tag line up top there says it all. Writer, editor, reader, traveler, dreamer. I do all those things. Some of them more often than others, and not necessarily in that order. And I’m blogging because I’d like to get paid to do the first two, and “building a platform” is part of the business plan.

I’ve spent the last year being unencumbered by a day job, and being in The Writer’s Studio, the creative writing program at Simon Fraser University.Ā  My unencumbered status, and The Writer’s Studio, both end at about the same time, in November. I’m sad about both those things.

I have really enjoyed spending my days in yoga pants and hoodies, and would like a job that will allow me to continue this sartorial splendor. With this in mind, I’m looking to create and build a business as a freelance editor, taking on all comers and accruing varied experience as I take courses in SFU’s Editing Certificate program.

I’m one of those weirdos for whom editing comes naturally and is rewarding and pleasurable. I’ve been the go-to “could you look this over for me” person in every job I’ve had that involved written communications. I enjoy clarifying and sharpening the written word, and spelling, grammar, syntax and vocabulary come easily to me. Punctuation is fun!

I did say ‘weirdo’, didn’t I? Well hey, it works for me. šŸ™‚

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