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Links for Listens I Love

In my twenties, when I lived two blocks from a record store, I spent a lot of money on music, and things to play music on. I made mix tapes by the dozen, and listened to them on the tape deck in my car (it had auto-reverse! So advanced!). When the car died, I bought a Sony Walkman and took my music on the bus.

Fast-forward to the 2010’s and my listening addiction has changed. It’s now podcasts. Also audiobooks, but mostly podcasts. I subscribe to more than a dozen, in a variety of interest areas, and I’m usually pretty up to date with them. We went on holidays for two weeks in August, though, and I haven’t managed to get on top of the queue yet. (I might make some progress today, though; I need to tidy this place up, and podcasts are my favourite companion while cleaning.)

Here’s a list of the ones I subscribe to, linked to help you find them. I think all of these are available in iTunes, Stitcher, etc. I subscribe in Downcast, an iPhone app that I heard about on one of these podcasts, and that I absolutely love.


  • Grammar Girl – Mignon Fogarty explores the oddities and vagaries of our language in a friendly and helpful way, never judging. Recommended for everyone!
  • I Should Be Writing – SFF author Mur Lafferty’s “podcast for wannabe fiction writers” features q&a, personal reflections, interviews with industry insiders, etc.
  • Popcorn Dialogues – (Archives only) Romance authors Lani Diane Rich and Jennifer Crusie watch movies and analyse what makes them work (or not). They start with romances, and move on to other movie genres. Great examination of story.
  • Dear Bitches Smart Authors (DBSA) Podcast – The hosts of Smart Bitches Trashy Books and Dear Author, all about romance fiction.
  • Dusted – The StoryWonkers’ long-awaited episode-by-episode analysis of the brilliant and seminal television series Buffy the Vampire Slayer.
  • StoryWonk Sunday – Lani Diane Rich and Alastair Stephens, authors in different genres and married couple, talk about everything having to do with story.
  • Will Write For Wine – (Archives only.) Authors Lani Diane Rich and CJ Barry/Samantha Graves drink varying qualities of wine, and analyse varying qualities of story.
  • Writing Excuses – Brandon Sanderson, Howard Tayler, Mary Robinette Kowal, and Dan Wells host. Shows are fifteen minutes long, “because you’re in a hurry, and we’re not that smart”. Except that they are.

Fun and/or Interesting

Health and Wellness

  • Balanced Bites – Diane Sanfilippo and Liz Wolfe talk health, nutrition, skin care, and (sometimes) bad television. Q&A, interviews, and homesteading updates.
  • Latest In Paleo – My first and still favourite “paleo” podcast. Angelo Coppola’s voice!
  • Revolution Health Radio – Chris Kresser’s podcast. The man knows stuff.
  • The Paleo Solution Podcast – One of the first paleo podcasts out there, this one has extensive archives and is still going strong. Robb’s brand of snark makes me happy, and teaches me stuff.

Whew! If you made it this far, have a cookie. And if you have any podcast recommendations for me, weigh in in the comments!

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