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What’s Up Wednesday: Submission Hold

WUWApple2What’s up Wednesday is a weekly blog-hop created  by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin L. Funk, intended to help writers keep connected. Click on either link for more information and to sign up, if you want to join in!

Here’s what’s up with me this week:

What I’m Reading

I’m still on the historical fiction jag, it seems. I finished up all five novels and several in-between shorts in the Lady Julia Grey series by Deanna Raybourn (loved them), and am still in the Victorian era, but across the pond in the Maids of Misfortune series. (Well, I say series, but I’m only on book one.) So far it’s delightful.

I also recently acquired Diane Sanfilippo’s 21-day sugar detox book and cookbook, because it’s time to get back on the road to my health, wellness, fitness, weight, lifestyle, and related goals. I lost 60 pounds in 2011-2012, and then put half of them back on in 2012-2013, because I got complacent and lazy. I’m ten days into the official detox period, and am finding great meal plans and other guidance in these books. They’re reminding me of my past success, and how I achieved it.

What I’m Writing

I’ve been madly working on a nonfiction travel piece for submission (eeek!) to a story contest. I wanted to write this piece for an anthology of stories about women travelling alone, but the submission deadline fell in the middle of my recent holiday, so I couldn’t make it work. The deadline for this submission is this Friday. I need to get working on this again, because I had a new vision for it late last night.

What is Inspiring Me Right Now

I’ve been head-down on the travel piece for so long that I’ve hardly thought of anything else, but when I take time to relax and absorb other story, I’m really enjoying Leverage. The ensemble cast — a classic five-man band — are wonderful actors with fantastic chemistry, and both the character work and the story work are superb. In later seasons they play a little bit with form, which is a lot of fun. I just saw an episode shot in the same faux-documentary style as The Office, which was a hoot.

What Else is Going On

After slowing down significantly and having only one class going over the summer, school started up again last week. My next elective (Minding Your Manuscript) starts on Saturday, and my mentor group meets again next Tuesday. I have four submissions for feedback to read and crit before then.

I’ve been volunteering at Bard on the Beach this summer, and the season is coming to a close. I have no more volunteer shifts scheduled until next Saturday, which is closing night. I’ve had such fun down there this summer. So many great people, and so many great plays. Can’t wait for the official announcement (on closing night) of what next year’s shows will be.

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