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The Dictionary Project: A New Approach

Wow, that month of posting maps and map-related musings was fun, but holy cow was it a lot of work. I spent a fair amount of time just scrambling to keep up with my posting schedule. I’ve taken us around the world of 100 years ago, with stops in most of the places of interest (to me, at least). I’m tired, and want to put my feet up. You’d probably welcome a slower pace, too.

November is the start of a slower pace. I’m still continuing the Dictionary Project, but it’s going to be a weekly, rather than a daily, occurrence. I’ll choose one, or at most two, days per week to post stuff from Volume XI: New Volume A-L. I think I can manage 4-8 posts in a month.

Now I just need to decide what to call the feature. My Word Mondays might work, for purely dictionary-related entries. But what about the longer entries with interesting historical context? Throwback Thursdays are fun, but they’re usually a look back into the author’s past, rather than the historical past. Dictionary Day, which I can post on whatever day tickles my fancy? Tickle me Tuesday? Phraseology Friday? Clearly some more thinking is required.

What do you think, hivemind? What’s a good name for this feature? Is alliteration necessary or even advisable?

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