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What’s Up Wednesday

What’s Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, to help writers connect. Follow either of those links to get more information, and join in!

Wendy’s Weekly Wound-up

What I’m ReadingWUWWreath2

Many of the same books as last week, all for the same reasons. I finished Turnbull House (five stars) and am now reading Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book. It’s a funny thing about Neil Gaiman’s stuff; in general it’s more macabre and bizarre than my usual cup of tea, and don’t love everything he’s written, but everything of his that I read reminds me that, boy howdy can the man tell a story.

What I’m Writing

Lots of blog posts, as I press on with Blogging 101. More blog posts as The Dictionary Project launched today, to my extreme delight. I’ve taken photos of all the maps (because my scanner bed is too small), and I’m queueing up the posts while I have time. I need to schedule the ones for next weekend, because it’s Canadian Thanksgiving and we are going to my parents’ for the weekend. There may be no time for blogging.

What Works for Me

I’m tackling plotting my mystery novel, with the help of this great post from ticket2write. I like having a structure to hang my story on, to keep the pacing and turning points where they should be. I pulled out my typewriter and am plotting these points on to index cards, because I’m also trying index cards at the moment. (We’ll see if that actually ‘works for me’.)

What Else is Up

Let’s see… I have something school-related every night this week, it seems. Except Friday, when I’m going to see Seán McCann in concert. (Without my husband, who will be on a flight back from Tulsa at that time.) Monday was Minding Your Manuscript, Tuesday was our first mentor group meeting in a couple of months, tonight is the final production meeting for those of us working on producing the student anthology, emerge (launching October 16th; contact me for how to get your copy!), and on Thursday I start my career as the book-seller at the TWS Reading Series. (Live locally? Come down and hear the readings over dinner or drinks. Good food at the venue.)

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