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What’s Up Wednesday!

WUWApple2What’s Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, to help writers connect. Follow either of those links to get more information, and join in!

Here’s what’s happening in my world!

What I’m Reading

For fun, I’m reading Alembical 3, an anthology of three novellas that has a story by my friend Kam Oi Lee in it. (Go get it now!) I am two-thirds done with the book.

For practical reasons, I’m still elbow deep in the copyediting how-to book, the APA Style guide, and the Chicago Manual of Style.

Recently added to the “to read” shelf (the already-groaning shelf) are these three beauties:

These three authors are all graduates of the writing program I am currently in; they came to our last class with Betsy Warland to talk about their different paths to authorhood and publication. All my books are now signed. 🙂

What I’m Writing

Not much just at this moment, though I’m working on the final edits to a story about a little girl whose closet contains a magical door to fairyland.

What Works for Me

In one of our classes with Betsy, she told us about a poet friend of hers who tracks all the places he can submit poetry in a given year, including contests, literary journals, etc., and then directs his writing toward those specific submission guidelines. (Most of which aren’t particularly specific.) I found this quite inspiring and was wondering how to go about doing something similar when a classmate told me about Duotrope, a searchable, filterable database of world markets (paying and nonpaying) accepting submissions in English, in fiction, non-fiction, and poetry. It also allows you to track your submissions. Subscription only, but there’s a 7-day free trial, and it looks really great. Another friend uses Writer’s Market for the same purpose.

What Else is Going On

I had a personal training session with my trainer yesterday, and for the first time ever in my working out life, I got lightheaded and had to sit down until it passed. I think I didn’t breathe enough while doing a complex of swings, cleans, and carries with two 20-pound kettlebells. So we’ll go a little easier with that the next time I’m at the gym. Which will be today, right after I post this. 🙂

It’s Canuck Thanksgiving this weekend, so we’re off to my parents’ place on Vancouver Island for a few days, come Saturday. Back on Monday. Too short, but what can you do.

My husband is travelling too much and sleeping too little, and he’s grouchy. For this reason only, I am glad he’s not here to be grouchy at me. He’s kind of a bear when he’s grouchy.

The book launch party for our student anthology, emerge 14, happens next Thursday. I have a couple of door prizes and gifts to buy before then. Can’t wait!

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