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What’s Up Wednesday

WUWWreath2What’s Up Wednesday is a blog hop created by sisters Jaime Morrow and Erin Funk, to help writers connect. Follow either of those links to get more information, and join in!

Here’s a recap of the last week, in these parts:

What I’m Reading

I finished up the three short stories in Alembical 3, and really enjoyed all three stories. Now I’m elbow-deep in Jack Absolute, by C.C. Humphreys, an espionage thriller set in the late 1700’s, in North America. Jack is a spy, and unless I miss my guess, he’s going to unmask Benedict Arnold as a double agent. There’s a lot to enjoy in this book, and I am.

What I’m Writing

Still working on the discovery writing for the murder mystery novel I have planned. I may or may not write it for Nanowrimo. By which I mean that I may or may not do Nanowrimo. I’m not sure the artificial deadline of a particular month of the year will serve me just now, given how quickly it’s approaching and how much more discovery writing and plotting I have yet to do.

What Works for Me

I Googled “plotting a mystery novel” for the project mentioned above and the hit that resonated most with me was ticket2write’s Classic 12-Chapter Mystery Formula. I transcribed all of this on to index cards, and am currently filling in the blanks, as part of the discovery writing. Having a structure to follow really helps me, especially when plunging into a genre I’ve never written before.

What Else is Going On

We went over to my parents’ place on Vancouver Island for Canuck Thanksgiving. We haven’t been over there since Easter, mostly because my folks have been travelling for much of the time in between the two holidays, so it was good to see them and talk about plans for our trip to South Africa together (coming up in April!). We had a delicious roast beef dinner, because my hubs doesn’t care for turkey, and my mom is very accommodating. The Yorkshire puddings were a big hit. No surprise.

The launch event for the TWS Student Anthology, emerge 14, is tomorrow night. It will be so exciting to see my words in print!

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