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Travel Points!

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I’ve only been back from my unexpectedly long, made-possible-by-points trip to the UK for a few weeks, but already we’re on the move again.

This weekend, we’re headed out of town to celebrate a rather belated Christmas with my parents. While we’re there, the four of us will be hammering out the final plans for our trip to South Africa in April. This has been on the calendar for nearly a year (hubs and I are flying on points and booking early is wise), and it’s our second trip there as a foursome. We’re looking forward to seeing it, and the portion of the family that lives there, again.

We’re spending a couple of weeks in gorgeous, glorious Cape Town, and then we have a three-day safari booked in the Okavango Delta, which should be chockablock with birds and mammals that time of year. I am keen to take a tour in a mokoro, the traditional canoe in the area. There will be amazing photographs, as there were of our last trip, when we did a safari in Kruger National Park.

Between Late Christmas and South Africa, though, hubs and I are off for a Valentine’s Day weekend in Portland. We’re not going because it’s Valentine’s Day; we’re going because it’s Portland and we got the flight and the hotel on points. All we really need is passports and money. Check! There is no sales tax in Oregon, which is all the more delightful now that the Canadian dollar is down to about $0.78 USD.

I may acquire a pair of Doc Martens. They have a whole Doc Martens store in Portland.

What travel plans do you have this year? If you don’t have any, where would you go if you could get there on points, and what would you do there?

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  1. We did very little travelling last year, from a combination of me being in TWS and hubs being laid up from January-July after an Achilles tendon repair surgery. We did get a couple of weeks in eastern Canada in August, which was lovely.

  2. I would love to travel but JD won’t get on a plane any more with all the brouhaha at the airports and I wouldn’t much like going alone. However, we just renewed our camping membership so I’m hopeful we’ll make a few trips out to the ocean in the RV this year. Have a great time in Portland Wendy; it’s beautiful there!

    1. The brouhaha at airports is a pain, so I’m with JD there. We’ve found ways to evade most of the insanity: Nexus/Global Entry cards make crossing the US/Canada border quicker and easier, and makes airport arrivals and departures quicker, too. And if you’re travelling business class (which is what we usually save our points for), you get to go in the faster security line. The “no liquids” and “take off your shoes” thing are still stupid and ridiculous, but I guess we’ve adapted after all these years.

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