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What’s up? Wednesday?

How is it that there are seven whole days from one Wednesday to the next, and yet I am never prepared for the Wednesday after the one I am currently grappling with? I mean, I know that long weekend mess with my internal clock/calendar, but this really seems to be a Wednesday phenomenon.

Mind you, it might be a Tuesday phenomenon if the writerly check-in thing here was called Tell It Tuesday instead of What’s Up Wednesday.

But honestly. Wednesdays are kind of a faceless midweek day for me. This may be a result of not having a job to go to on weekdays anymore (even though I’m looking). It may be a result of having too much time on my hands and too little to do to fill it (this is not a complaint). I should probably set up a schedule for my days, you know? Set an alarm. Get up. Shower. Coffee. Breakfast. Workouts. Work periods. Looking-for-work periods. Writing periods. Things like that. Schedule grocery shopping for a particular day – maybe Wednesdays. That way at least I’d get something done on a Wednesday.

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  1. Hehe, yeah, I’m never prepared for Wednesday either. Why does it need to be a Wednesday, anyway? Probably something to do with statistics on how many people hit web sites when, & when’s the best time to post? Either that or the power of alliteration…

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