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The “What’s Up Wednesday” blog hop has ceased to be, but round-up posts are fun, so here’s a new format.


The absence of “June gloom” after such a lovely May. The warmth and sunshine lures me outside onto the deck, where we grill dinners and play with the neighbour’s cats, who love to visit. Lucas and Jake (but especially Lucas) are partial to me, and will abandon my husband mid-pet if I go outside. How is it that cats make this feel like an honour and a privilege?


On Audible: just finished Book 8 of the Dresden Files series, narrated by James Marsters, and have plunged into Northanger Abbey, narrated by Juliet Stephenson. I cannot praise either of these narrators highly enough; they are flat-out marvelous voice actors.

In print: just purchased Rachel Aaron’s 2,000 TO 10,000 after hearing her interviewed on the DBSA podcast, and have dipped a tentative toe. So far so good!

…listening to

Two albums by Vancouver musician Bodhi Jones, who has a song (“Suitcase Packed”) in rotation on CBC radio and is working on a third album to be released soon. He’s crowdfunding the costs of engineering, publicity, etc., with an indiegogo campaign, and my hubs and I met with him this past weekend to check out his business savvy before we decide how much to throw into the campaign. He’s a really engaging guy, grounded and sensible in addition to talented. Go check him out and support his efforts if you like the tunes


I’ve been Netflixing Columbo, a favourite from my early teens. I’ve watched the first two seasons and the beginning of the third, and so far there hasn’t been one that I remember. I guess, given that I was only about nine when the series started, I was in bed before it came on for the first few years. But boy oh boy do I remember the cars! The shoes! The hair! The fashions! I get all gleeful bouncy just seeing the costumes and set design. And the guest stars, those sanguine, murderous guest stars; they’re like the constellation of Hollywood of My Childhood. Some of them (e.g., Ray Milland, Roddy MacDowell) were in old movies, some (e.g., Martin Sheen) were rising stars, and some of them (e.g., Robert Culp) hit it really big in the next decade. I get all the warms just watching those familiar faces try to dupe the shlubby Lieutenant.

…looking forward to

I’m off to Toronto on Thursday, for the Editors’ Association of Canada’s first international conference, Editing Goes Global. While I’m there, I will be attending numerous sessions (of course), networking like a demon, speed mentoring with two great editors, and (with good luck) getting together with my friend Brad, who will be in town for the Indy race that’s on the same weekend. I bought some new clothes today, in preparation. I’m planning to travel with just a carry-on bag, so everything squishes really small.


Grammar assignments from the course I’m taking. I also did a brain dump of about 2000 words on a paranormal story involving ghosts, which has been percolating in my brain for years. I still don’t know where it’s going, as a story, but “from brain to electrons” is a good start.

…making me happy

I had my first gig as co-host of the TWS Reading Series last Thursday. The reading series arose out of The Writer’s Studio, the creative writing program I was part of last year, and has been going for several years. Its purpose is to give TWS students an opportunity to read their work in public, and to showcase and promote other local and Canadian authors who might happen to be touring to promote a book, etc. Thursday’s lineup was great, and I look forward to more great evenings like it during my tenure as co-host.

That’s a big round-up. Here, as a treat for reading so far, have a photo of an elephant and a moose together. (That’s our travel companion, who insisted we call him Twigbok while were were in Africa.) This elephant was the first wildlife we saw on the drive from the airstrip to the safari camp.


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  1. Teehee, that’s so cute that the cats love you so much. Hope S wasn’t offended to be abandoned mid-pet!

    That 2K to 10K book sounds really useful.

    Have a blast at the conference! :):)

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