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Author Interview: Rachel Green

Vintage microphone isolated on whiteAs promised on July 23rd, here’s the first in what I hope will be a long-running feature on the blog: The Author Interview. First up: Rachel Green.

I met Rachel Green in an online writing community back in the mists of time (2004), when I was newly returned to writing fiction. Rachel’s characters, Harold and Jasfoup, their town, and their world, were already well established and much loved by the members of that community. Her Laverstone stories are imaginative and fun to read, and full of the sly British wit I delight in. They led me back into the world of paranormal fiction, a world I continue to really enjoy. Rachel and I are both members of another online writing community, which is putting out an anthology of short stories very soon. It was my pleasure and privilege to edit Rachel’s story for that anthology.

Photo of author Rachel Green Book Cover: Follow the Example of Jasfoup Book cover of An Ungodly Child

RACHEL GREEN is a forty-something writer from Derbyshire. She lives with her two partners and two dogs. Although primarily a novelist, she also writes plays and poetry. When not writing, Rachel walks her dogs, potters in the garden, and trains in Brazilian Jiu-jitsu and KAPAP six days a week. She twitters a haiku daily. She can also be found on Facebook (leatherdykeuk) and Twitter (@leatherdykeuk)

Please tell us about your book.

An Ungodly Child (May 2012, Zumaya Publications’ Arcane imprint) is an urban fantasy/humour novel about a young man, his oddly sympathetic demon, and their quest to find a cure for an illness delivered by the Angel of Pestilence herself. I wrote a whole slew of short stories featuring Harold and Jasfoup, and then I hammered them into a novel, over the course of about three years.

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