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Author Interview: Trish Loye

Vintage microphone isolated on whiteTrish Loye and I met at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference a few years ago, when we were both unpublished and trying to learn everything about the craft and business of writing. The theme of the conference that year was “Heroes”, and Trish and her Alberta-based writing friends came to the Saturday banquet in thematic costume. As superheroes. Trish was Catwoman. In 2012, she also won the SIWC’s Writing Contest, in the category of Writing For Young People, for her delightful story “Career Day”. Is there any doubt that she made an impression?

Fast forward to today, and one of us is now published! (Hint: it’s not me.)

Trish Loye against background of people in a public space  Book cover of Trish Loye's Edge of ControlBook cover of Trish Loye's Edge of Reason

TRISH LOYE, bookworm and geek in the days before geekiness was cool, grew up in Kingston, Ontario reading fantasy and science fiction: books where women were the heroes. She never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, so she has worked variously as dairy farmer, crew member on a tall ship, troop officer, electronic warfare squadron officer, apple picker, teacher’s assistant in university physics, medical researcher, seismic processor, and IT project manager. But her latest jobs — Mom and author — are the ones she loves best. She has two amazing daughters and an incredible husband who thinks it’s funny that she can tell when someone is speaking Klingon.

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Author Interview: Jess Faraday

Vintage microphone isolated on whiteJess Faraday and I met in a writing community on LiveJournal in 2004, and did our first Nanowrimo together in October that year. Along with several others, we formed our own writing and critique group, which has been going since January 2005. Jess was one of the first of us to get published, and she’s certainly one of our most prolific members. She has too many published books to be considered “emerging” any more, but it has been my pleasure and privilege to be part of her journey to publication — to see her emerge — and I’m thrilled that she agreed to do an author interview.

Jess Faraday Head Shot

Book cover: Fool's God by Jess FaradayBook cover: The Strange Case of the Big Sur Benefactor by Jess FaradayBook cover: Death and a Cup of Tea by Elm Books

JESS FARADAY is the author of the Ira Adler series (including the Lambda-shortlisted Affair of the Porcelain Dog), the steampunk thriller The Left Hand of Justice, the Stein & Vincent adventures, and numerous articles, short stories, and translations. She teaches a short fiction course at Pasadena City College, and moonlights as the mystery editor for Elm Books.

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Stronger Writing: Use Your (Characters’) Senses!

Cartoon image of a woman with red hair, surrounded by images of a human hand, blue eye, mouth, nose, and ear to illustrate the five sensesIf you’ve been writing fiction for more than, oh, about twenty minutes, you’ve no doubt been advised to use at least three of the five senses to bring your prose to life. Most narrative describes what the characters see and hear, but adding smell, taste, or sensation can enrich the sense of place and elevate the reading experience.

Not all sensory information is created equal, of course. The best sensory information comes straight from the character’s experience to the reader’s experience. It comes from within the character’s point of view. Weak sensory information comes from a step outside the character’s point of view.

How Do I Know if my Sensory Information is Strong or Weak?

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