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It’s conference season!

A group of mostly women seated in a hotel conference room face the presentation on the screen at the front of the room.
Not actually ACES or EditorCon, but you get the idea.

I am something of a rarity in editorial circles: an extrovert. It’s true I’m a little more introverted every year, that I treasure my alone time and peace and quiet in general, but I also really enjoy being in groups. Not just any group will do; the best groups are composed of My People. And the best place to find My People? Editors’ conferences and writers’ conferences.

ACES in Chicago

Editorial conference season starts next week, with the ACES conference in Chicago. This is the biggest conference I go to, and it’s sold out this year: 650 editorial professionals from all over the USA and Canada (and maybe the world) will descend on the Windy City for three days of professional education, celebration and recognition, and social communion. There will be a spelling bee. There will be Scrabble and Boggle and Bananagrams games played in the lobby or the bar, or both. Yes, it’s huge. And it’s going to be great. Again.

EditorCon in Saskatoon

A month later, I’ll be off to Saskatoon for EditorCon, the Editors Canada conference. This one is slightly smaller, topping out at about 250 attendees. There’s no spelling bee, and the social communion tends more toward talk than board games, but the agenda includes plenty of professional education, celebration and recognition. I’ve never been to Saskatchewan; I’m looking forward to seeing it. Spring might even have arrived by then. (What can I say; it’s been a long winter!)

It’s unusual to have these conferences occurring so close together; my previous ACES conferences happened in March, and the Editors Canada conferences in June. I’m glad the ACES folks recognized that Chicago in March is a bad bet for travellers. And I won’t argue with seeing Saskatoon in springtime rather than summer, either.

If you’ll be at ACES or EditorCon 2018, you’re My People, so let’s meet up! And if you were hoping to chat with me about working together while I’m away, we can definitely do that. Get in touch anytime.

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