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What kind of fiction do you edit?

I offer all my services for all genres of fiction for adults of any age. I also copy edit for children’s and middle-grade fiction.

What kind of non-fiction do you edit?

What kind have you got? Personal essay, blog post, biography, memoir, thesis, dissertation, report, product description, promotional material, textbook, cookbook, journal article, magazine article, food and beverage menu, packaging, web content?  I find it all interesting, and I love learning new things.

Do you edit sex in fiction? How about frank discussions of sex and sexuality in non-fiction?

Yes, and yes.

Is there anything you don’t or won’t edit?

I edit most subject matter in both fiction and non-fiction, even difficult or triggering things. If your writing addresses abuse, violence, illness, injury, or other trauma, I can help you present it clearly and sensitively.

Whatever you’re working on, let’s talk about it. If it turns out I am not the right editor for your project, I might be able to help you find someone who is.

I need this project edited yesterday. Can you help me?

I take rush projects as my schedule allows, and I charge more for them. Read about my pricing practices for details.

I don’t see the exact service I want in your list.

That’s no problem. Every project is different, and every client gets a customized service. Contact me and let’s talk about it.

Can you help me decide on a service?

I’d love to! Tell me about your project, and I’ll suggest the best match.

How can I make a payment?

I accept payment by Interac e-transfer, PayPal, credit card, or company cheque. For local clients, I also accept cash.

What do I do now?

After you’ve picked a service, fill out my contact form or email me.

Tell me your project word count, timeline, budget, and the editing service you think it needs. Email me the complete file(s) you need edited, so I can give you an accurate estimate.

That’s it! I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. While you wait, read about the rest of the process.

Wait, I have a different question!

Ask anything you like on the contact form or in an email. I’ll get back to you as soon as possible. Ready to do this?

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