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Author Interview: Kate A. Boorman

Vintage microphone isolated on whiteKate Boorman and I met at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference a few years go, and she’s been a member of my tribe ever since. Hers is one of the first faces I look for (and it’s easy to spot, way up there above the crowd), and not just to shop for books with, or go for drinks in the hotel bar with. (Lavender gimlets? Why, thank you!) She’s is smart, funny, and all-around good company. And she writes good books!

Kate Boorman, prairie girl and YA author

Kate Boorman, prairie girl and YA author

  DARKTHAW title

Kate A. Boorman is a writer from the Canadian prairies. She was born in Nepal and grew up in the small town of Rimbey, where the winters are long and the spring thaw is a highly-anticipated event. Kate has a MA in Dramatic Critical Theory and a resumé full of an assortment of jobs. She lives in Edmonton, Alberta with her family, and spends her free time sitting under starry skies with her friends and scheming up travel to faraway lands. The WINTERKILL trilogy is her young adult debut series.

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Author Interview: Kam Oi Lee

Vintage microphone isolated on white

Kam Oi Lee is one of my oldest writing friends. We met in a writing community on LiveJournal in 2004, and did our first Nanowrimo together in October that year. Along with several others (including Jess Faraday), we formed our own writing and critique group, which has been going since January 2005. Kammy was the first to volunteer her novel for group critique, which gives you some idea how fearless she is. We all learned a lot from that first exercise, and I’ll always be grateful to her for going first. These days when I get to read her work, either in early draft or published form, I treat it like an occasion. There’s usually a cup of tea involved.

Author Kam Oi Lee crouching in front of a display of many large paintings

Kam Oi Lee at an art exhibit in NYC

Cover of

KAM OI LEE, human being from Earth, is also a musician, athlete, writer, spaceship dweller, and dystopian underdog. Born in Washington, DC, she spent her childhood in Korea, the Philippines, and Taiwan. When her father retired from the U.S. Foreign Service, the family returned to his home state of Hawaii, where she completed high school. Since then, she’s lived in Massachusetts, Washington and Wisconsin. She now resides in Chicago with her spouse and two cats.

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Author Interview: Trish Loye

Vintage microphone isolated on whiteTrish Loye and I met at the Surrey International Writers’ Conference a few years ago, when we were both unpublished and trying to learn everything about the craft and business of writing. The theme of the conference that year was “Heroes”, and Trish and her Alberta-based writing friends came to the Saturday banquet in thematic costume. As superheroes. Trish was Catwoman. In 2012, she also won the SIWC’s Writing Contest, in the category of Writing For Young People, for her delightful story “Career Day”. Is there any doubt that she made an impression?

Fast forward to today, and one of us is now published! (Hint: it’s not me.)

Trish Loye against background of people in a public space  Book cover of Trish Loye's Edge of ControlBook cover of Trish Loye's Edge of Reason

TRISH LOYE, bookworm and geek in the days before geekiness was cool, grew up in Kingston, Ontario reading fantasy and science fiction: books where women were the heroes. She never knew what she wanted to be when she grew up, so she has worked variously as dairy farmer, crew member on a tall ship, troop officer, electronic warfare squadron officer, apple picker, teacher’s assistant in university physics, medical researcher, seismic processor, and IT project manager. But her latest jobs — Mom and author — are the ones she loves best. She has two amazing daughters and an incredible husband who thinks it’s funny that she can tell when someone is speaking Klingon.

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