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You might want a manuscript evaluation if:

  • You have a completed draft and you want to know if the story or narrative is working.
  • You know it isn’t working but you’re too close to the work to know how to fix it.
  • You’ve revised it a dozen times and even submitted it but it’s been rejected.
  • You wonder if you are wasting your time and you could use some reassurance.

What a manuscript evaluation includes:

  • Look at your piece as a whole and assess what works, what doesn’t, and why.
  • For fiction, I’ll look at story foundation and conflict, general strengths and weaknesses, and how the story meets genre conventions and reader expectations. I’ll identify what works well, and anything that is boring, confusing, contradictory, unsupported, or unbelievable.
  • For non-fiction, I’ll look at structure, organization of information, logic and flow of arguments and ideas, plainness of language and usability of design, if applicable.

I can customize this service to focus on specific areas of concern (for example, whether a protagonist changes and grows enough, or whether the language of a piece is plain enough for the audience). Just let me know if there’s anything you’d like me to look for.

What you will get back from a manuscript evaluation:

  • Five to ten pages of written feedback addressing overall concerns and answering any specific questions.
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