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You might want proofreading if:

  • Your material has previously been copy edited and the content and structure are final.
  • Your material has been laid out for printing and needs a final check to catch and correct errors in textual and visual elements.

What proofreading includes:

  • Check for accuracy and consistency of
    • text elements (spelling, punctuation, grammar, usage)
    • formatting elements (italics, boldface, special characters)
    • page elements
    • visual elements
    • graphical elements
    • navigation elements
  • Ensure conformation to the chosen style guide.
  • Create a style sheet or add to an existing style sheet, as necessary.
  • Address any questions or areas of concern from you, the author.

What you will get back from a proofread:

  • A marked-up copy of the revised document(s) or file(s).
  • Any originals supplied in hard copy.
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